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By slayday, Jan 13 2020 09:25PM

Alexu$LA is a fairly new & versatile artist looking to expand as an individual first and an artist . The artist plans to drop more music in the near future. This is first time the artist has ever done music, let alone producing, mixing, & mastering. Alexu$LA is growing, developing & learning within the artistry. Thanks for your time!

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By slayday, Jan 10 2020 03:49PM

Rachael Hadassah a bay area native of Daly City also an actress from the upcoming film Lumpia With A Vengeance and films like Anykah, Terrorizing the Todd and My Angel Baby is releasing her debut 'Ain't Nothings Gonna Stop Us'. A song with an old school hip hop urban edge.

Stream her track on Spotify.

By slayday, Jan 5 2020 06:55PM

Dylan Leibrich is a singer and songwriter with a passion for beautiful melodies and relatable lyrics. Recently, he put out a song titled Easy High Easy Low. The track was played on the radio, and it is spreading like wildfire, reaching the audience on a much deeper level. His music is successful, because it offers a combination of catchy sounds and personal stories that come from the singer’s real life experiences. In the wake of the success of Easy High Easy Low, Dylan collaborated with two amazing singers on a brand new track named Forgotten.

By slayday, Jan 5 2020 05:14PM

Paul Lawrence Johnson III (born September 21, 1995) also known professionally as Trey Lawrence, is a rapper/producer, graphic designer, and creative born and raised in Dallas, TX.

Having an initial interest in music production in 2013 Trey began making and posting beats, but later went on to pursue rapping on a more serious level all under the name "Endemic". Since then Trey has came a long way rebranding his style/name as "Trey Lawrence" in 2015 while serving in the U.S. Army and performing at a number of events bringing a energetic presence to the stage. Trey has persistently perfected his craft as an artist with a predominantly smooth flow and laidback style, and a deep aggressive voice. Watch the official video on YouTube.

By slayday, Jan 5 2020 03:29PM

Kofi Daeshaun was born in Ghana and currently lives in Woodbridge, Virginia after having lived for over a decade in Brooklyn, New York. Kofi Daeshaun started writing songs at age 13 and has eight studio albums and an EP to his credit.

As a war veteran of the US Army, Kofi Daeshaun addresses various topics in his music. He is also a multi-genre artist and is equally effective whether it’s pop, rap, hip-hop, Afrobeats or high-life music. Google search “Kofi Daeshaun” to get familiar with his unique talent. He also has over 40 official music videos on YouTube.

“Afrobeats 2” is Kofi Daeshaun’s latest album released on January 1, 2020.

To book Kofi Daeshaun for events, send an email to or call (970) 412-5140.

Follow Kofi Deashaun on social media:

Snapchat: @kofidaeshaun

Twitter: @kofidaeshaun

Instagram: @kofidaeshaun